Advisory Committee


Our expert advisory committee not only helps us to understand the transaction better, but also enables us to grow our network and position ourselves as one of the most experienced and goal-oriented consulting company in the region.

All the members on the advisory committee are experienced and specialised in the core and non-core sectors and have insights about the internal and external forces governing the industry.

Sandip Parulkar

Sandip has a master’s degree from Pune university and has been a apart of eminent organisations like DARASHAW, Ariston Capital and Blend financial services. Sandeep has a vast experience in the debt syndication and fund-raising business and at present is the Director at LEO CAPITAL.

Leo Capital Advisors is an emerging markets investment boutique focused on meeting the financial and strategic advisory needs of companies in the various segments of corporate world both domestically and globally.

Naveen Sharma

Navin Sharma is a Chartered Accountant with more than 15 years of experience the financial services market. He started his career with ICICI Bank and later spent more than a decade with Citibank. Before he quit Citibank Navin was Vice President in the credit function of the bank. During his role in the bank and as independent consultant he has developed a rare skill in structuring complicated transactions which has been greatly beneficial for both the banks and clients.

Pankaj Haralaka

CEO - Investment Banking and Corporate Solutions

Mr. Harlalka is a company secretary by profession and has over 15 years of experience in the Investment Banking sphere, working very closely with the Managements of SMEs and along with his team has been providing solutions to their requirements in an advisory capacity and raising equity for them through the medium of Private Equity and Public Issues. He has been instrumental in facilitating growth in mid-size companies through identification of areas for growth and targets for mergers and acquisitions..

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